October 12, 2014

Andrea Riddle Day
EAC Founder Andrea Riddle loved to celebrate. She punctuated her years with rituals marking various holidays and the turning of the seasons. Andrea’s love of honoring moments and events is the reason EAC is steeped in a culture rich with festivals. When it came time for us to plan a celebration in honor of Andrea, the obvious choice was to craft it around one of her favorite books,  I’m in Charge of Celebrations by Byrd Baylor.
As part of our festivities, Andrea Riddle Day marks the first time that students meet their buddies for the year. Prior to our all-school assembly older buddies go to younger buddies’ classrooms to join hands and bring their young friends to the gym.
After a brief gathering, children go outside and move through a variety of “celebration stations”.
This year’s stations ran the gamut from apple crisp – the favorite, of course – to hoola hooping and tie dying. It was a glorious day enjoyed by all.