Our Vision

Our vision is to create a school that is a leader in 21st century Montessori education with an engaged and connected faculty and an emphasis on academic excellence, the arts, a robust peace curriculum, cyclical community celebrations and the inclusion of diverse learners.

EAC will establish the conditions (structural and interpersonal) that result in a faculty dedicated to professional growth, collaboration and the co-creation of curriculum.

EAC will maintain a peace curriculum that begins in the first year of the Primary cycle and continues through Middle School. Adherence to the peace curriculum will take precedence over all other programming in order to educate children for a more peaceful world.

EAC will stay abreast of societal trends that impact education (new findings in brain science and our understanding of the way humans learn and the needs of the marketplace and what skills will be necessary to be a competitive wage earner) and adapt programming accordingly while staying true to Montessori principles.

EAC will deliver curricula that allow students to develop foundational academic skills, a rich understanding of their world, and the agency and expressive ability to make an impact and stretch the limits of their cognitive capacities.

EAC will sustain programming in the arts for all students and maintain a dynamic instrumental band program.

EAC will continue its commitment to educate children of diverse abilities with the understanding that all children benefit from such inclusion.

EAC will continue to celebrate meaningful traditions over the course of the school year.