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Big Buddies & Leadership

Leadership experiences are plentiful at EACMSI, in large part because of our multi-age classrooms and because as builders and shapers of community we want all of our students, from youngest to oldest, to have the opportunity to engage with each other in meaningful ways.

Older students are expected to be role models and guides to the classroom for their younger peers. Each Level is asked to look out for the students in the Level below, and our Middle School students serve as student leaders for the whole school community. This includes leading parts of our all-school assemblies held every month in our gym.

We want differently aged students to interact deeply enough that they actually learn from each other and care for one another intimately. Every year, therefore, children of different ages are paired into younger and older “Buddies”. 

Regularly spaced throughout the year, buddy pairs have the opportunity to gather together. They invite each other to lunch, go sledding during our Winter All School Recess, take a spin on the ice during the Valentine’s Day skating party, and send each other little notes during the year.