Recess Wear

Required Recess Clothing

All temperature determinations take wind chill into account.

Below 10 F:  Indoor recess

Over 10 F:  Outdoor recess for everyone

We recommend children wear face protection when sledding.

10 – 30 F

  • Down or heavily lined coat, hat, waterproof gloves/mittens, snow pants, insulated boots

30 – 40 F

  • Down or heavily lined coat, hat, gloves/mittens, snow pants (if sledding or sitting in snow), boots (if snowy or ground is wet)

40 – 50 F

  • Coat, hat and gloves, boots (if conditions are wet – water, mud or snow), outdoor shoes for paved surfaces, gravel or stone

50 – 60 F

  • Coat, polar fleece, sweatshirt, or sweater with one layer
  • Outdoor shoes for playing on paved surfaces, grass or stone

Proper Snow Clothes for Primary and Extended Day Children

With the cold weather approaching, we take this opportunity to remind you to provide your child with proper snow clothes. We will go outside everyday as long as the wind chill is above 10 F.

Some suggestions for purchase of winter clothing:

  • Warm boots that do not have removable liners. Boots should be tall enough so that snow cannot get between the snow pants and boots (to protect ankles and feet from frostbite).
  • Coats should be easy to zip, button, or snap so that your child can be independent in the process of putting on and taking off outdoor clothing. Jackets should be long enough to cover below snow-pants hip line.
  • Waterproof lined mittens or ski gloves with attached strings or mitten clamps should be attached to the coat. Please do not buy thin knitted gloves. They are difficult to get on, are not warm, and aren’t waterproof.
  • Hats should cover the forehead and cheeks. Please be sure the coat or hat provides neck coverage.

If your child cannot put it on themselves (snow pants/coats/full snowsuits), don’t buy them!

Getting the children outside is very important to us. The children love it, except when their clothes do not provide proper warmth or are frustrating to get on. Getting forty-five Primary and Extended Day dressed and undressed is a challenge! With your help and forethought, your child will enjoy winter recess!