Reflections From Graduates



“…There is something bigger out there than you. Every single one of us in this room has all the gifts and potential to do great things. Not only great things but huge things that could change the world. Because you have been given much, you are expected to take that gift and use it for something other than yourself. Every one of us has the ability to do something amazing for other people, humanity, and the world. But, it’s easy to sit here and think,  “Wow, I’m going to do that when I grow up”. We need to realize that we are ready and capable of doing remarkable things NOW. Today as we sit at our Middle School graduation looking at our next adventure, we need to remember three things: All of us have been given much. Much is expected of us. And last but not least, do it now. The rest of our lives starts now. Lets do something incredible.”   Elena Cabrera 2012


“…Although Montessori has been present in my life for quite awhile, I have often taken the school and community for granted and felt the need to search elsewhere for what I wanted.  I know now that I can find everything I really want inside myself or right here in front of me.  Our group is really amazing. We are all searching to get something out of life, each something different, but we all have high hopes and dreams that together we have been working hard to achieve. But beyond just working together, we travel together and learn together and laugh together. We know how to go with the flow. We are a resilient, forgiving group of bright, young people who each have different but strong ideas and opinions. I have spent nine formative years of my life with this group and I have been truly inspired by each and every one…”     Emily Peliccia 2013


“…I began my Montessori career as a second year Junior Level student. From the beginning I was astounded with how different it was from the public schools I had attended. I got individual attention, and help when I didn’t understand something. The class was small and family-like, materials were always available, and there was never a moment with nothing to do. When I had a conflict, we would have to take time to figure it out, and when I didn’t understand or succeed at something, I was encouraged to keep trying rather than get frustrated.”     Sarah Couillard 2013


“…I have some practice leaving this school. This will be my third time saying goodbye. Every time I thought I was ready to leave, I would realize I had been mistaken. Every time I knew it was right for me to return and that this was the place where I was meant to be…Given that I have already left this school twice, you might think leaving it again this week for the third time would be easy. But it will not be easy. This is a place I love and I will miss it. Now, on the occasion of this third farewell, I know that I am not really leaving this school, but taking it with me.”   Cecelia Yeardsley 2013