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How to Find The Directory in EACMSI’s ParentsWeb

1. Login to ParentsWeb

2. On the left side of the screen you will see School Information.

3. Below School information you will see Directory.

4. Choose Directory

The School Directory defaults to displaying Information by student. Students will be listed alphabetically by last name along with their parents names, home address and home phone if they’ve elected to share that information in the directory. Please note that students with two households will be listed twice, once for each parent/guardian. Student email addresses are not shared.

Scroll down the list to choose a student or search for a student by name.

Student contact information for the household displays with each parent/guardian (and sibling, if provided) in their own tab.

5. Click on tab for the desired person to see the information they’ve agreed to publish in the directory (home phone, email, cell phone, and home address)

Student & Family Directory in ParentsWeb