Special Events

We love to share with our community the beauty of what we do: Demonstration Nights, Family Fun Fest, the Ithaca Festival Parade, our All School Musical…some of the ways we mark our school year.

Ithaca Festival Parade 2014: 2nd Place Award AND Junior Festival Artist EAC Student Ceili Ayong

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Family Fun Fest 2014: Wonka!

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Demonstration Night is the opportunity for students to share Montessori lessons with parents and friends.

Junior Level Demonstration Night: March 2014

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P1050173                          P1050191                         P1050190

Upper Level Demonstration Night: March 2014

P1050128                             P1050126                            P1050119

P1050109                     P1050102                                  P1050092

A Winter’s Gathering Gala: January 2014

Friends of EAC enjoyed an evening together in honor of those who contributed to our “From Acorn to Old Growth Forest” capital campaign.

 Junior Level Demo Night: March 2013

IMG_0721                        IMG_0707                          IMG_0662

IMG_0661                                    IMG_0709                                  IMG_0641

Upper Level Demo Night: March 2013

P1050128                                P1050126                                P1050119

P1050109                             P1050102                         P1050092

 Family Fun Fest 2013:

An interactive version of the movie musical Mary Poppins at the Hangar Theater. We started the event with crafts and games and ended with an optional take-out meal from Taste of Thai Express. A magical day was had by all.

IMG_2586 P1000253 P1000385 P1000381 P1000226 P1000222 P1000214

Ithaca Festival Parade 2013:

“All You Need Is Love…”  (Photos courtesy of the Ithaca Journal)

IMG_0927 IMG_0926 IMG_0920

IMG_0924 IMG_0923

 Our 2013 All School Musical:

“The Phantom Tollbooth”, performed at the historic State Theatre for an audience of nearly 600 people!

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