Stephen Lenhart

Middle School

Since 1999 Stephen Lenhart has been teaching in a variety of learning communities, both public and private, working with students ranging in age from three to thirty in three different countries. He studied Geography and Environmental Science at SUNY Geneseo and did his graduate work in Elementary Education at LeMoyne College in Syracuse. He is state certified K-6th grade. He has been at EAC since 2008 and is in the process of completing Upper Level Montessori Elementary training through the Center for Montessori Education. Stephen’s interests center around the exploration of connections between beings and how to most beautifully express and enhance those connections. Writing, walking, sharing food, and playing games are some of the ways he enjoys connecting. Stephen lives at Fern Hollow with many beautiful and intelligent beings: Katri, Finn, Gavin, ZeeZee the dog, brother cats Bob and George, four sweet goats named Fawn, Ferny, Fraggle and Francis Friday, as well as a wonderful assortment of chickens.