Curriculum Matters: October 25, 2015

We love our days of celebration here at EAC!


We often say that the strength of our school lies in the unique combination of gifts brought forth by our children, faculty and families. Today’s exceptional United Nations Day gathering certainly demonstrated this truth as Will Ober, father of Extended Day student Faye, brought the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble to play for the school. Our multipurpose space resounded with this incredible music from Indonesia.

The Middle School also gave a presentation on their recent trip to the Heifer Project Farm, and illustrated the great disparity in global resources and life circumstances using members of our EAC community.


The week leading up to UN Day is always marked by the children coloring flag people to represent their heritages.


These are then mounted on giant hemispheres created by our Extended Day class.


The hallways smell divine as the multicultural food offerings arrive in preparation for lunchtime feasts.
Another wonderful day to bring closure to another wonderful week…